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To be Gian Maria Volonté

Teatro San Marco
by Valentina Restivo

The films with Gian Maria Volontè have the power to make you understand human beings, their weaknesses, their battles, their soul through the face and body of this gigantic actor. The act of acting is a political act for Volontè and allows for a universal embrace towards humanity. Because, as Carmelo Bene said, “Masterpieces should not be created, we must be masterpieces ourselves,” the characters created by GMV traverse history and imagination to the point where the actor who portrays them goes beyond mere representation.

The exhibition is divided between a series of illustrations (about 30) taken from Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, a film where the camera is extremely close to GMV’s face, and sheets with some of the characters from his films. The choice of this support is due to the fact that in the Venezia neighborhood, you do not see hanging laundry. For a few days, painted sheets will be displayed inside a historic and essential place for Livorno.