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Calibro 35 at Effetto Venezia 2023. The band at Fortezza Nuova on August 4th.

Director Marco Bruciati: “An effective example of connection between soundtracks and images”

The approach to the thirty-ninth edition of EFFETTO VENEZIA, dedicated this year to the world of cinema, continues with another important national and international music event. On Friday, August 4th at 10.00pm, at the arena of Fortezza Nuova, CALIBRO 35 will perform for their only Tuscan show to present their new album Nouvelles Aventures, which will be released on May 26th.

After the experience of Scacco al Maestro – two records dedicated to the extraordinary work of Ennio Morricone – brought on tour with Calibro 35 Plays Morricone, the original soundtrack of the highly popular series Blanca, aired on Rai 1, and after numerous collaborations with artists such as Iggy Pop, Rokia Traoré, Muse, Stewart Copeland, Afterhours, Diodato, and dozens of other projects, CALIBRO 35 has finally come back to making their own music.

An album in which the band – composed of Tommaso Colliva, Fabio Rondanini, Massimo Martellotta, and Enrico Gabrielli – fully utilizes the resources cultivated, refined, and enriched over the years to return to making “Calibro’s music”: that instrumental mixture of funk, progressive rock, alternative jazz, and wide-ranging cinematic music that the audience has learned to know over these fifteen years of their career.

Marco Bruciati, artistic director of Effetto Venezia 2023 says, “In a particular edition like this year’s dedicated to cinema and all its forms, the presence of a band like Calibro 35 is more necessary than ever to extend the coherence of the cinematic world to the sound proposals as well. Calibro 35, in fact, represent the most effective example of the connection between images and sound, between soundtracks and visual columns, between eyes and ears, in short, a total experience.

“After two intense and stimulating years, – CALIBRO 35 tells – we had a strong desire to make our own music. To do so, we left home to close ourselves in a space-time capsule – as beautiful as Auditorium Novecento – and we started. A series of musical journeys came out of it, in which we channeled all the artistic and human experiences lived so far. Like in Verne’s imaginary and extraordinary journeys, we explored distant places where we had never been, but we also happened to return without realizing it to more familiar shores, discovering them with new eyes. We stole the title “Nouvelles Aventures” from György Ligeti precisely because after fifteen years of building ourselves for what we are, we were ready for new adventures.”

Nouvelles Aventures On Tour will start in Spain on May 29th, and will then arrive in Italy in the following months, in Livorno on August 4th for Effetto Venezia, and then continue to tour Europe. The new single Gun powder, a 100% CALIBRO 35 DNA, a riff inspired by Ocean’s Eleven and Kill Bill and a break towards the end that transitions from a chase scene to the end credits, will definitely be included in the summer tour. It is available today, Friday, May 12th, on all digital platforms and radio.