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Nicola Piovani in Livorno on Saturday, August 5th for Effetto Venezia 2023.

On stage with “La musica è pericolosa – Concertato” at the performance space of the Fortezza Nuova.

It will be a “Effetto Venezia” event dedicated to cinema, this being the 38th edition taking place from August 2nd to 6th in Livorno, among the streets overlooking the canals of the evocative neighborhood that gives its name to the festival. And while cinema will be the protagonist, the name of Nicola Piovani is among those that best interpret the relationship between music and the Seventh Art.

On Saturday 5th August, Piovani will take the stage at the Fortezza Nuova with “La musica è pericolosa – Concertato”, a performance presented in collaboration between Effetto Venezia and Mascagni Festival. It is a musical narrative told by the instruments that act on stage – piano, double bass, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, accordion. To mark the stations of this musical journey in freedom, Nicola Piovani tells the audience the meaning of the intricate paths that have led him to collaborate with the work of De André, Fellini, Magni, Spanish, French, and Dutch directors, for cinema, theater, television, singers, musicians, alternating the performance of theatrically unpublished pieces with new versions of other more well-known ones, rearranged for the occasion. In the theatrical narrative, words reach where music cannot, but music takes the lead where words do not know how and can no longer communicate. The stage videos integrate the narrative with images from films, shows, and especially images that artists like Milo Manara have dedicated to Piovani’s musical work.

“The first event we can announce is of absolute significance,” comments Marco Bruciati, artistic director of Effetto Venezia 2023. “The presence of Maestro Piovani in Livorno is an important building block of a work that is increasingly taking the form of a beautiful open-air film. The first month of work on the new edition of Effetto Venezia dedicated to Cinema has seen the construction of bridges with important Italian film institutions: from the Venice Film Festival and the Giornate degli Autori, to the film libraries of Bologna and Milan. Effetto Venezia 2023 will not be a Film Festival. It will maintain its dimension as a public event, with different languages ​​but held together by a common framework. This is why our efforts are focusing on an opening show capable of celebrating the relationship between the kermesse and the Seventh Art in the best possible way.”

Effetto Venezia 2023, organized by the Lem Foundation – Livorno Euro Mediterranea for the Municipality of Livorno, will be divided into six macro-areas defined by the titles of equally famous films: “Lampi sull’acqua” by Wim Wenders for the video projections on the buildings of Venice, “La strada” by Federico Fellini for the tribute to street artists, “Effetto notte” by François Truffaut for live performances, “Zero in condotta” by Jean Vigoper for training with workshops and masterclasses, “Ovosodo” by Paolo Virzì for schools, and “Il sorpasso” by Dino Risi for collaboration with the territory.