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Alessandro Bianchini Project

Palco Scali delle Barchette
Free event

Available on CD and master tape “10/5” is the new album by vibraphonist and composer Alessandro Bianchini, produced by Lorenzo Vella, director of the record label Birdbox Records in collaboration with Nightingale Studios. The album is the result of a research that explores a musical journey deriving from different genres and styles, reflecting Alessandro Bianchini’s formation: from the typical academicism of classical music to improvisation, through the sounds of more traditional jazz.

These are the elements, we could say ”the hallmark”, that have indelibly characterized the aesthetic and musical language of the vibraphonist, enriched by a constant and meticulous attention to detail, allowing to identify his compositions. The vibraphonist himself tells: “The choice of mallet timbre that changes according to the piece, the instrumentation (the vibraphone, the marimba) and the almost maniacal attention to dynamics, are the elements that, in my opinion, give the album a jazzy sound, with important and recognizable elements deliberately refined. Another aspect that is certainly evident to those who listen to the album is the presence of an element that I personally always place at the forefront and that is the basis of improvisation and interplay: Timing.

Timing that allowed me to create a very natural and almost instinctive feeling with the other group members: Marco Micheli on double bass and Simone Brilli on drums.”

Of the seven tracks, five were composed and arranged by Alessandro Bianchini, while the first and sixth tracks are two standards rearranged for the trio formation: vibraphone/marimba, double bass, and drums.