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Street artists
Strade del quartiere

A fresh, fun, light-hearted and ironic show, epic and surprising, original.

Without adhering to a specific musical genre but capable of playing music for every ear. Here we have jazz, dixieland, funky, popular marches, and even a surprising piece sung ‘a cappella’ as if they were the enchanters of good luck.

What makes them unique is also the choice of costumes and the carefully choreographed movements that bring freshness to the musical pieces and prepare the ear for listening.

The musicians now move in a line, now align themselves, now cross paths, now form a circle, now kneel, now hide and disperse among the applauding audience, now come back together. And sometimes, in order to seduce, they even undress…

“Bandita” combines innovation with tradition, the sacred with the profane, music to be seen and music to be heard.