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Dear Inferior ones – The cinematographic saga of Fantozzi

Palazzo Huigens
Cinematic disclosure
by Daniele Caluri

Dear readers, “Cari Inferiori” is a passionate homage to the various supporting actors, more or less important, who actively contributed to making the Fantozzi film saga immortal. In a choral fresco, where Paolo Villaggio’s sharp and ruthless satire portrays Italian society with episodes that still hit hard – even fifty years later – the supporting actors cease to be mere extras and become true pieces of a mosaic without which the entire structure loses much of its effectiveness. From this perspective, the author pays tribute as an act of love towards a cinema that may appear to be pure entertainment but actually reveals a sociological reading that is both contextualized and highly effective.

The artbook of Cari Inferiori is created on the occasion of Lucca Collezionando 2023.