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Cinema, romantic punk

Scali delle Cantine 36/38
Showcasing artist LIV

Liv is the artist that Uovo alla Pop presents from August 2nd to August 6th at the gallery located at Cantine 36-38 in Livorno. The exhibition coincides with the summer festival, and Liv has titled her show ‘Cinema, romantic punk‘. The inauguration is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2nd at 7:30 PM.

Liv, born in 2002, graduated from Liceo Niccolini Palli and is currently studying cultural heritage in Pisa and animation cinema at NEMO in Florence. In this exhibition, she showcases her bold yet fluid style, her love and knowledge of art-house cinema, and the delicacy of her spontaneous verses. For the showcased artworks, she has chosen frames from cinematic masterpieces and integrated them with personal poetic verses, creating an innovative contrast and giving new meaning to the chosen films. Gummo, Dancer in the Dark, Old Boy, A Clockwork Orange, The English Patient, The Rocky Horror Picture Show – the represented characters engage in a dialogue with the viewer, who recognizes the timeless images from these films and responds with surprise and perhaps slight woundedness to the words integrated into the artwork: romantic words and phrases that resonate with the heart, punk words that speak of rebellion and a suspended and poetic struggle.