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Museo della città • Spazio biblioteca
Collective exhibition curated by Jacopo Suggi

The exhibition “Cinematopie: omens, unease, yearnings”, in the spaces of the Bottini dell’Olio Municipal Library, offers a reflection on the concept of utopias and dystopias, as outlined by the world of cinema, during the days of Effetto Venezia.

Curated by Jacopo Suggi, the exhibition investigates, through the work of thirteen emerging artists, the cinematic imagery of future scenarios, both in their negative and positive aspects, through painting, sculpture, graphics, performance, and new technologies.

By placing humans at the center of the reflection, the artists open windows to future universes, from realities where the body becomes a battlefield, constantly changing, a space for the affirmation of one’s identity or the loss thereof, to worlds in which human beings renegotiate their relationship with nature, technology, science, and collectivity, giving birth to new urban, political, and societal models.

The following artists will take part in the exhibition: Federica Balestri, Jacopo Dimastrogiovanni, Asya Dell’Omodarme, Lorenzo Domenici, Francesco Ferrara, Stefano Lenzi, Costanza Lettieri, Sheyla Micheletti, Paulo Mucca, Matteo Pannocchia, Giovanni Ricci, Eleonora Rotolo, Betty Salluce.