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Palazzo Huigens
Amedeo Modigliani between history and cinematographic representation.
with Simone Fulciniti (book presentation “La banda di Modì”) and Luca Dal Canto.
Moderated by journalist Giulia Bellaveglia.

The book

An old book returns that contains a secret message. Two boys and a girl try to solve a mystery rooted in a recent past. A stolen and illegally sold painting by Modigliani returns to make headlines. An elderly painter, organized crime, a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, and a fictionalized Livorno in the background. A story of action by journalist Simone Fulciniti, capable of involving the reader with the rhythms of a cinematographic writing.

The focus

A focus that focuses on the poverty of the cinematographic production on Amedeo Modigliani, in relation to biopics compared to other great artists who instead can count on infinitely larger productions. And on the fact that, in the case of Modigliani in cinema, we should not talk about “from myth to reality,” as usually happens, but “from reality to myth,” because, starting from a real character, those who have tried their hand at his figure from a cinematographic point of view, have thought well to transfigure it, creating stories and plots around it that never actually happened. Which is then the fate of the famous painter from Livorno.