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Like in a film

Palazzo Huigens
SpringTime Choir and Monday Girls Choir
• Directed and arranged by Cristiano Grasso.
• Piano: Massimiliano Fantolini
• Percussion: Giacomo Cirinei.

The SpringTime Choir and Monday Girls Choir will present a selection of songs from movies, ranging from “The Greatest Showman” to “Mamma Mia!” and “Moana” and Disney’s “The Lion King“, as well as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“, “Dirty Dancing“, “Hair”, “Grease“, and much more.
All of this will take place in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Huigens on Via Borra, where the audience will be immersed in the acoustic sound of voices coming from all directions, like in a natural Dolby Surround, just like being inside a movie scene…