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Fortezza Nuova • Main stage
Nouvelles Aventures on tour

After the experience of Scacco al Maestro – two albums dedicated to the extraordinary work of Ennio Morricone – brought on tour with Calibro 35 Plays Morricone, the original soundtrack of the highly popular series Blanca, airing on Rai 1, and after numerous collaborations with artists such as Iggy Pop, Rokia Traoré, Muse, Stewart Copeland, Afterhours, Diodato, and dozens of other projects, it is finally time for CALIBRO 35 to return to making their own music with the live tour of NOUVELLES AVENTURES.

The album, released in May, sees the band – formed by Tommaso Colliva, Fabio Rondanini, Massimo Martellotta, and Enrico Gabrielli – fully utilizing the resources cultivated, refined, and enriched over the years to return to making “Calibro’s music”: that instrumental blend of funk, progressive rock, alternative jazz, and cinematic music with a broad spectrum that the audience has come to know them for in these fifteen years of their career.

In contrast to the everydayness of “making music” even in an artisanal way, there was the need to shut themselves in the studio, play for the simple pleasure of doing so, and see what comes out, without having a client or another artistic project to support. That’s what happened in Naples, where the band, along with bassist Roberto Dragonetti, decided to record NOUVELLES AVENTURES in the studios of Auditorium Novecento, the first recording studio in Italy. The result is a collection of extraordinary sonic adventures, in which all members of the band, as there is no frontman in CALIBRO 35, are protagonists.