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Nicola Piovani – Music is dangerous

Fortezza Nuova Main Stage
In collaboration with Mascagni Festival

Piovani will take the stage at Fortezza Nuova with “La musica è pericolosa – Concertato”, a show presented in collaboration between Effetto Venezia and Mascagni Festival, marking the debut of a synergy between the two main events of the Livorno summer.

The show is a musical narrative told by the instruments acting on stage – piano, double bass, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, accordion. To punctuate the stations of this musical journey in freedom, Nicola Piovani tells the audience the meaning of the intricate paths that have led him to work alongside De André, Fellini, Magni, Spanish, French, Dutch directors, for cinema, theater, television, singers, musicians, alternating the performance of theatrically unpublished songs with new versions of others better known, rearranged for the occasion.

In the theatrical narrative, words reach where music cannot reach, but music takes control where words do not know and cannot communicate anymore. The stage videos integrate the narrative with images from films, shows, and above all, images that artists like Milo Manara have dedicated to Piovani’s musical work.

On stage with the maestro on the piano will be Marina Cesari (Sax, Clarinet), Sergio Colicchio (keyboards, accordion), Pasquale Filastò (cello, guitar, mandoloncello), Vittorino Naso (drums, percussion), Marco Loddo (double bass).