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Concert – Venice Squared

Palazzo Huigens
Free event
by Veronica Niccolini

On the occasion of “Effetto Venezia 2024“, a festival that for many years pays homage to the homonymous neighborhood, its history, and its identity as a bold urban work with astonishing results, for elegance and functionality, we would like to present this musical project, which comes from the inspiring mother: Venice. The Ostinata Armonica ensemble would be delighted to propose an evening of ancient, Venetian music. The ensemble is formed by a soprano voice accompanied by the basso continuo. The proposed repertoire consists of music composed in Venice, ranging from popular music, the so-called canzoni da bateo, of the Venice of the ‘600s and ‘700s, to refined music that enriched the complex musical panorama of that era, in order to better emphasize the connection between the Venetian repertoire and the space for which it was written, renewing the link between Livorno, the La Venezia neighborhood, and Venice itself.

Veronica Niccolini Coloratura soprano trained at the department of early music in Venice, a specialist in early music practice (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole). She boasts several debuted roles, both in prose and lyric, at Italian and foreign theaters, in the Mozartian and bel canto operatic repertoire, without neglecting early music.

Dario Pisasale Musician with a degree in classical guitar from the Conservatorio musica of Venice, he deepened his practice of early music with prominent personalities in the early repertoire. He actively collaborates with various Baroque ensembles as a theorbist and continuist, participating in numerous early and Baroque music festivals and in operatic productions at important theaters, such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

Michele Mancusi Double bass player, arranger, percussionist, psalterist and composer, specialized in early music. He professionally collaborates with various ensembles and orchestras, in national and international theaters, practicing both classical and modern music, in addition to his experience and practice in oriental music.