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Concert volontre

Ex Teatro San Marco

For more than twenty years, collaborators Alessandra Falca, actress and singer-songwriter, Emiliano Dominici, director and writer, and Marina Peloso, Livorno-born singer-songwriter and Parisian by adoption, love writing songs together, or rather, song sketches, almost always short and minimal, ironic and melancholic, written for fun. The trio, Falca, Milioni, and Marina P, under the name Volontré, presents the project Instant Songs, an LP released on May 5th in digital format and limited edition vinyl of 300 copies.

The Instant Songs project was born from the desire to write together, starting with the theater-song group Loungerie and continuing with the Meccano Project: short songs written, performed, and filmed within a few hours, with the collaboration of various guest stars. The album contains 16 pieces, little more than a minute long, in Italian language primarily, but also in English, French, and Greek.

Recorded live, essentially acoustic and without post-production, the album is raw, rough, and with a sixties taste but not only, with many musical influences to discover track by track. The Volontré invite you to an intimate listening where the words lend themselves to various levels of interpretation, creating polaroids, snapshots that suddenly, poof! Disappear.