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Greek dances

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Greek dances by Gogò Bourou and DanzeAssuD: from basic steps to the most popular Greek circle and non-circle dances, with audience involvement. DanzeAssuD is a cultural project that has been operating since 2014, with years of experience in the study, research, and learning of European choreographic and musical forms, particularly those related to popular traditions. It primarily focuses on ethnochoreutic research, teaching, and performance, as a cultural, anthropological, and artistic proposal, combining tradition and innovation, music, dance, and folklore, to bring people together in a genuine moment of joy, liveliness, and shared sociality through music and dance. It specializes in organizing cultural events, as an authentic and current exploratory journey that, starting from belonging contexts, reaches the new urban forms of re-functionalization and contamination. It works consistently in Florence and the province, throughout Italy and abroad, with collaborations and projects with ethnic musical groups from all over Italy. DanzeAssuD also organizes themed events: many workshops, concerts, and parties organized in public and private venues in Florence and Tuscany, with a strong focus on high-quality cultural proposals guaranteed by direct and continuous contact with musicians and dancers from all over Italy and beyond, as well as ethnic Festival networks and cultural organizers.