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Good Morning Vietnam

Photo of Giancarlo Barsotti and Roberta Maccioni

“Photographing is a bit like playing chess: you have to choose between a series of possibilities. Only that in the case of photography, their number is not finite, but infinite.”
(Margini, 2023)

Northern Vietnam with its mountains on the border with China. This is the backdrop – cold, rainy, and shrouded in fog – of the exhibition “Good Morning Vietnam”, which will be inaugurated on Friday, July 28th at 7:00 pm at Thisintegra, in Via Ganucci 3, Livorno.

Over forty images taken by Giancarlo Barsotti and Roberta Maccioni in which the two artists have tried to convey the emotions and flavors of a place lost in time, through portraits and travel snapshots that captured not only the places but also the souls of the people. The incredible exhibition “Good Morning Vietnam” will also be open during Effetto Venezia, the highlight event of the Livorno summer, scheduled from August 2nd to 6th, 2023.

To make this exhibition even more original, the fact that the two artists will present their works randomly, without reference to the author: “In this way, we want to give even more strength to the image – they explain – which must be enjoyed and experienced for what it is, minimizing external distracting events.”

Giancarlo Barsotti is a photographer from Livorno, born in 1940, and for over thirty years the owner of the Album Fotografico shop. Author of dozens of travel reportages and solo and group exhibitions, every year, together with his wife and lifelong companion, Nada, he discovers new destinations to focus his lens on, in the perpetual search for the hidden humanity and beauty in each person’s face, enriching himself with humanity and immortalizing realities, both beautiful and ugly, without indulging in false sentimentality. Recently, his figure and a recent trip to Cambodia inspired the novel “Margini” (Scatole Parlanti editions), which will be on sale during the exhibition at Thisintegra.

Roberta Maccioni is in her first “official” exhibition: fueled by her passion for photography since she was twenty years old, recently she decided to reclaim her poetic vein. Two years ago, she participated in the three courses promoted by the Museum of Natural History with the Florentine photographer Matteo Travella. “But the real turning point – she explains – came with joining the photography club of the Dopolavoro ferroviario, a stimulating but terrible environment: every Tuesday, everyone brings a photo and then the others comment on it, almost always demolishing it in a constructive way, highlighting errors and giving suggestions. I have learned a lot, and it’s there that I met Giancarlo. The trip to Vietnam was my first real photographic journey, and in the end, he convinced me to exhibit as well.”