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I R.E.D. reunion

Street artists
Piazza dei Domenicani
The Trash Can

The R.E.D.!

It all started with the first letters of their names: Rodrigo, Edoardo, and Diego. A Spaniard, a Neapolitan, and an Argentine. Their three names gave the title to the company, a name that has then become the red thread of the show, where everything, from clothes to juggling materials, is indeed red.

They know how to make the audience laugh and entertain, and that’s the only certain thing about the evening, as their show is almost entirely improvised together with the audience, alternating gags with technical numbers like the masters from the old guard, with diabolo, passing with 10 clubs, and choreographies with three unicycles. They have been an institution in street theater and have made history, at the dawn of Mercantia and the first Italian festivals. They are reunited again after 20 years by the will of their fans.

Being able to make this reunion happen is a source of pride for us, and we can’t wait to see them on stage again.