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Cinema in slippers – Home made cinema takes to the streets

Street artists
Forte San Pietro
Teatro Trabagai
Teatro Trabagai is part of the Costellazione Association

An open-air micro-cinema and two strange characters, wearing bathrobes and pajamas. They wait for the audience, welcome them with gags and jokes, and make them sit down: they are ready to start the screening.

And so, like in a kaleidoscopic game, the protagonists of the short films are the same pajama-clad masks. The shorts, very short indeed, are filmed at home. The idea takes shape during the lockdown: the four walls of the house, a prolonged refuge of forced rest, become a set and daily life, with its neuroses and fears, the mirror of a paralyzed and dystopian world. Having to deal with the “strange” situation, the Trabagai family is forced to live with their own inadequacies and chooses to project them onto a virtual film that they will periodically share on their social channels… and the comedic effect is guaranteed.

Now the times have changed, but they are still there, suspended in an unreal time that does not exist: you can see them, in slippers and pajamas, waiting for tomorrow. If you meet them, let them know!