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The Violin of the Titanic

Piazza del Luogo Pio
That is to say: there is never enough room on the lifeboats for everyone
Cantieri Meticci

The show takes inspiration from the poem “The End of the Titanic” by German poet and intellectual Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Enzensberger, who passed away a few months ago, exposes the distortions and weaknesses of society, using the Titanic as a metaphor for the economic, cultural, and social crisis of our world. In 1997, James Cameron and his Titanic brought Wallace Hartley and the entire orchestra to the big screen, in a mythical representation of the sinking. The show picks up the figure of the violinists, offering an alternative view: culture as self-sacrifice and resistance, accompanying the shipwreck, facing death with dignity, and surviving the storm. The stage space of The Violin of the Titanic constantly transforms, allowing the audience to experience the phases and dilemmas that the experience entails. The Titanic’s salons, the ship’s deck, the lifeboats, and the swirling seas: everything is staged with great choreographic power and imagery, further accentuated by live video footage that enhances the dramatic moments with close-ups.