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Ilaria Argiolas

Piazza dei Domenicani
Free event

Ilaria Argiolas, a singer-songwriter from Rome of Sardinian origins who brings to the stage an impetuous and ironic rock. Ilaria started playing the classical guitar as a child and performed for the first time in a professional context in 2012. Since then, she has performed on many stages, leaving her mark in every venue and square in Italy. In 2021, she signed her first record deal with Fonoprint and from there, her career took a decisive turn. Her album ‘M’hanno chiamato Ilaria’ is a journey through neighborhood life, with songs reflecting the nuances of Roman life. In 2023, Ilaria collected successes at various festivals, including Discanto and Musicultura, thanks to her authentic narrative style that intertwines Roman roots with innovative musical influences. The evening promises to be an immersion into the music of an artist who celebrates her roots with every note.