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Meeting of the Livorno ambassadors network in the world

Ristorante Wonder

The Livornese Ambassadors Network Worldwide (REALM) is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Livorno, as part of the Livornine 2030 project, to recognize and enhance the experiences and skills of Livorno citizens who work or study outside the city. REALM also aims to involve all those who love Livorno and want to promote its socioeconomic development and image globally.

The summer meeting is one of the occasions (the other being during the Christmas holidays) where Livornese people returning to the city for vacation meet, get to know each other, and discuss ideas with the Municipal Administration for the city’s development.

The meeting will take place at Wonder, an inclusive and accessible venue located in the beautiful setting of Venezia. It is promoted by Le Livornine Cooperative, one of the startups supported by Livornine 2030.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity to support the activities of the Cooperative, which aims to make this venue (a bar, a restaurant, but not only) a center for social aggregation and innovation, accessible in every corner and where people with disabilities and those in vulnerable situations can work.

It will be an informal gathering where there will be an opportunity to discuss innovative ideas for Livorno based on the experiences of people with disabilities.

The meeting will also be attended by Councilor Gianfranco Simoncini.

There will also be the possibility to enjoy an aperitif prepared by the Wonder team.

Event duration: 18:15 – 20:30.