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Concert – Wos Academy

Piazza dei Legnami
Free event
The soul moves

Alex Mastromarino, an artist from Livorno, Persefone Award 2018 winner and Best Male Act winner at the 2017 Musical Awards (Italy) given the theme of this year

“Music from the world. Sounds of land and sea”

imagined a fusion of cultures between Italy and the rest of the world, where the musical soul moves in an emotional space finding strength in contamination. An evening lasting about 4 hours divided into 8 SETs entrusted to emerging artists nestled between our territory and the “surroundings”:

  1. INA SANTIAGO (Brazilian contamination)
  2. BJORNI GJECI (Albanian contamination)
  3. MARTINA NERI (Flamenco contamination)
  4. STEFAN RAILEAN (Moldovan contamination)
  5. VIOLET (Scandinavian contamination)
  6. CALLIOPE (Irish contamination)
  7. YASMIN (Arab contamination)
  8. ROSATI (French contamination)