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The illusion of balance

Cantina della Coppa Barontini

Sometimes projects are born spontaneously, based on affinities, overcoming location and commitments. We have set out to represent the socio-environmental difficulties of our days through canvas and sculptures.

Mauro Gambini, from Livorno, describes the psychological condition of the current world through his painting: his tensors are living textures, they wrap around, pull, create chaos or perhaps an illusion of stability, of balance. In front of his canvases, one has the sensation of being gripped, trapped by our vulnerabilities, but at the same time, the tensors he represents are path correctors, curators of the human condition.

Giuliana Bertieri, from Florence, deals with the environmental issue through her plastic sculptures, materials destined to be witnesses of our downfall for eternity, the disappointment of not having been able to foresee a possible future in the face of exceptional discoveries like plastic. The Earth is not a container, the Earth regenerates, welcomes, the opportunism of man must quickly disintegrate to find a new balance. The sculptures are evocative creations, imprecise forms, new beings, post-atomic trees, monsters of our troubled subconscious. We all must participate in the change, and the first step is within us, it is a commitment to preserve the planet that we undertake for our children. Let yourself be guided on an emotional, tactile, evocative visual journey, imperfect but plausible.