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The meeting

Palco Ex Macelli
From the subject of “A Special Day” by E. Scola, M. Costanzo, R. Maccari
By Eleonora Zacchi – with Riccardo De Francesca and Eleonora Zacchi
Production Contrada Badessa in collaboration with Il Centro Artistico il Grattacielo
Il Centro Artistico Il Grattacielo is part of the Costellazione Association

A denunciation against prejudice and gender roles. A theatrical study focused on highlighting the love relationship, the human relationship of the two protagonists in a difficult social moment.

The scene is a room, in any place, where the action takes place and the two protagonists meet: Antonietta, a mother and housewife, married and unhappy, and Gabriele, a former radio commentator. Even today, we run the risk that the culture of power can define good and bad values, and the imposition of these can destroy those who cannot and do not want to conform to those values.