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Marina Mulopulos

Piazza dei Domenicani
Free event
Marina Mulopulos: Voice
David Dainelli: Piano and Guitar
Mirco Capecchi: Double Bass
Lorenzo Bavoni: Drums and Percussion

Marina Mulopulos is an Italian-Greek singer who has been working experimentally on her voice for many years, often using it as a true instrument. Marina is a versatile artist, a set designer, actress, and expert in Fine Arts pedagogy, with a rare talent in mastering her voice. She sings and writes in both Greek and Italian.

In her voice, the strength of her homeland, Greece, and her experiences in Italy blend together seamlessly, along with all the blues of the world she has listened to. Her voice can outline Mediterranean landscapes with the precision of a paintbrush, evoke ancient worlds, scratch, gently cradle, tell joys and sorrows, emotions and suggestions that everyone holds in their soul.

She has collaborated with various artists (Almamegretta, Peppe Barra, Barbara Buonaiuto, Autobam, Acustilak, Malfunk, Ivan Rossi, Dome La Muerte, E-Neem Project) with whom she has released albums and performed concerts in Italy and abroad. She is currently the singer of her solo project and other related projects.

In 2015, her first solo album titled “Distichos” was released, in collaboration with Paolo Del Vecchio and many other artists from the Neapolitan scene and beyond. In 2023, the album of “Emis” was released, her new project with Dome La Muerte, titled “Sopra La Luna”. She regularly holds vocal workshops in Pisa and its province where she lives and works. Marina, with this quartet, presents, in addition to her own songs, a tribute to Ivan Graziani, and other Italian and international artists, moving between rock, pop, and world music, intertwining harmonies and breaths, seeking a meeting point in different, new spaces each time.