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Medì Orkestar

Piazza dei Domenicani
Free event
Mediterranean Music

Project born from the union of 6 Tuscan musicians with the common intention of embarking on a musical journey through the civilizations of the Mediterranean, a tribute to what has been the epicenter of epochal ferment, of a sea that has seen the birth of religions and cultures, of a basin that is a meeting point between Europe and Africa, a starting point for voyages, for the departures of peoples towards new destinies. Unraveling a long thread made of rhythms and colors, songs in the original languages intertwine: from the Balkan tradition to the sounds of the Greek coasts, passing through melodies from southern Italy and Arab countries, then returning to the city from which Medì Orkestar started, its city, Livorno.

“The sea unites what the land divides”

  • Eleonora Vecchio: vocals
  • Moreno Vivaldi: drums/percussion
  • Samuele Pirone: bass
  • Francesco Carone: piano/accordion
  • Nicola Barontini: guitar/bouzouki
  • Stefano Contesini: trumpet