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“Melodies for the Soul by Luka Zotti”

Palco Scali delle Barchette
Free event
Concert with Handpan, Eco-Unique Instruments, Mantras, Inspired Songs and Meditative Sounds

Immersed in the sound waves for Peace and Harmony, a transformative experience to harmonize our hearts, connect with our inner light, calm the mind, find clarity and serenity.

The mantras and vibrant sounds emitted by instruments such as guitar, handpan, voice, Tibetan bowls, piano and unique instruments handmade by Luka Zotti will combine, expanding the senses and creating a sound experience that will evoke visions, transformation, and inner answers.

Composer and producer of several albums of music for meditation, yoga, and relaxation, he combines in his own personal style ambient, folk, and world music sounds. The compositions draw inspiration from nature and its rhythms, beauty, and higher dimensions of being, creating relaxing atmospheres that lead to a state of inner peace and newfound serenity.

Luka has designed and handmade his own range of unique instruments, each of which is a work of art. All his creations combine guitar, keyboard, and sound generators that allow him to produce different sounds simultaneously. These instruments are used live by Luka, along with handpan, voice, ocean drum, and other instruments.
His training has allowed him to combine music, yoga, and art, giving life to projects that he spreads for spiritual elevation: meditative concerts, workshops, yoga classes, and retreats with music, which have allowed many people to experience a deeper connection with themselves through these different disciplines. Luka has collaborated with a series of experts in the field, including Lucia Giovannini, Daniel Lumera, and others.