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Piazza dei Legnami
Free event

Our project is called Melodies of the Earth and it involves a concert of about 20 songs performed by our students, aimed at promoting values of ecology, respect for the environment, and multiculturalism. The goal is to combine the beauty of music with the importance of environmental awareness and cultural diversity. Through a selected repertoire, we intend to convey a message of unity and harmony, celebrating the richness of languages and musical traditions from around the world. The students will perform songs in different languages, from various cultures, offering the audience a journey through universal music, supported by a narrator who will tell and introduce the songs. We will also include traditional Italian songs that integrate themes of ecology and respect for the environment, creating a bridge between these dimensions. A portion of the concert will be dedicated to the original projects of some Singer-Songwriters from our School, who will present their own repertoire: most of the songs they perform will be relevant to the proposed theme. The songs will be performed in different modalities: with backing tracks, guitar and vocals, and with a full band.