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Musical Journeys: Films and Music

Palco del Pescatore
Collettivo Tempo

Musical Routes – Centro Musicale Polifunzionale di Livorno located in the Sorgenti neighborhood – presents a repertoire composed of mainly modern songs that have marked the history of some of the most important films in cinema history and beyond. Music is a powerful means of communication, perhaps the most powerful form of expression capable of surpassing words: one doesn’t see the same thing when listening and doesn’t hear the same thing when watching. The emotions and perception of images can completely change their strength and impact if the music that accompanies them takes on different characteristics. The show will involve students from the Percorsi Musicali School who will take turns in bands to present some of the most famous songs from films that have marked the history of cinema and music: Moulin Rouge, La Casa de Papel, Skyfall, Rocky 3, A Star is Born, and many others.

The students have followed a preparation path coordinated by teachers Francesco Menici and Eleonora Visinoni in order to face an important stage like that of Effetto Venezia and measure themselves with a diverse audience like the one at the most important Livorno event.