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Sabbia Rusticana

Fortezza Vecchia • Spazio cinema Quadratura dei Pisani
In collaboration with Mascagni Festival
From an idea by Marco Voleri
Soloists of the 2nd International Opera Competition “Voci Mascagnane”
Soloists of the Mascagni Academy
Narrator: Alessio Pianigiani
Piano: Massimo Salotti
Sand Artist: Silvia Emme
Dramaturgy: Carmelo Alù

Sabbia Rusticana is a pocket edition of Cavalleria Rusticana where the sand artist Silvia Emme will draw directly on the sand, creating a scenery for the opera that is sometimes static, sometimes dynamic. The artist expresses a thought that aligns with the mission of Mascagni Festival: art is a way to represent a concept that should be accessible to everyone. This is how the artist approaches the art of handling sand: simple to find, soft and enveloping to the touch. The five protagonists of the opera, accompanied by a piano, will perform the entire work in traditional costumes, while the actor Alessio Pianigiani narrates its story in short interventions, crafted by the dramaturge Carmelo Alù. The performance style has been designed to be accessible, innovative, and captivating even for a young audience not accustomed to opera. This world premiere production involves the winners of the 2nd International Opera Competition “Voci Mascagnane” and the soloists of the Mascagni Academy of the Fondazione Teatro Goldoni in Livorno.