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Symphonic Honolulu Tarantino Soundtracks

Piazza del Luogo Pio
Honolulu Symphony

From the end of 2021, leveraging a decade-long experience on the biggest stages and theaters in the Peninsula, while maintaining the same innovative, raw, and direct approach to arranging, the orchestra is preparing Tarantino Soundtrack exclusively for Effetto Venezia 2023, the concert featuring famous songs from the films of the renowned American director. Tarantino’s cinema has not only influenced the taste of a generation, defining the boundaries of a visual sensibility, sometimes sublime, sometimes audacious, but it has also transformed the way films are made worldwide.

As often happens, the wealth of images, sometimes raw, sometimes iconic, has been skillfully paired by the American director with memorable music linked to African-American musical culture and Anglo-Saxon rock classics.

The concert that the famous ukulele orchestra will exclusively present to the audience of Effetto Venezia is dedicated to showcasing this combination of iconic images on one hand and a repertoire of music that has been equally significant for the entire contemporary popular culture of the past century on the other. A setlist that will take us on a vertiginous and immensely valuable journey through the songs that have characterized his main films, from “Reservoir Dogs,” which inspired the original lineup of the Honolulu Symphony from its early days, to his most recent productions. The concert was artistically directed by Luca Zannotti.