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Moby Dick

Piazza del Luogo Pio
Theater of the Winds

Moby Dick by Herman Melville is a novel that, if not everyone has read, they have certainly heard of. Or they may have seen one of the many films that have adapted it. In broad strokes, it is known as a famous nineteenth-century story in which the titanic Captain Ahab confronts and engages in a ruthless struggle against the terrible white whale, a struggle that is for life or death, for good against evil.

But the complexity of the novel also brings to light the contradictions of human beings, revealing weaknesses and obsessions, and confronting issues that today are more relevant than ever: man facing his (metaphorical and real) abysses, the relationship and conflict with Nature and – if we want to – the nature of things, down to the inexhaustible will to survive.

Moby Dick” by Theater of the Winds has the great power to delve into these themes and transform them into immensely powerful images, not only through the staging, which is both symbolic and evocative, but also through the involvement of local realities and communities that are part of specially structured workshops curated by the company in the days leading up to the premiere.

Awards and recognition:

  • 2019 Ubu Award for Best Stage Design;
  • 2019 Critic’s Network Award for Best Project/Organization;
  • 2019 Spettacolo dell’anno (Show of the year) for Krapp’s Last Post magazine.