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Spring Time & Monday Girls

Palco Piazzetta dei Pescatori
Free event
Summer Choral Night: Songs on a Midsummer Night.

The mixed choir SpringTime and the female choir Monday Girls will be the protagonists of a concert divided into two sets where each will showcase songs from around the world, all in original choral arrangements by the director of the two groups from Livorno, Cristiano Grasso, accompanied by piano and percussion, strictly performed live.

First set: Monday Girls.

A journey through female-led pop and rock music, with names ranging from Carol King to the colorful pop of Cindy Lauper, the rock of Patty Smith, international dance music from the 90s, and emotional pop from Adele and much more with a dive into Caribbean music.

Second set: SpringTime Choir.

The journey moves to other continents and includes melodies and rhythms that evoke Africa and the mainstream of Latin music in a completely unique polyphonic version, as well as popular pop and rock hits from English and American music.