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Tarabaralla – It takes courage to let go

Fortezza Vecchia
Free event
Show – Lamberto Giannini

Those who cannot live their love carry with them a pain, unspeakable, inexpressible, and incomprehensible, which is why they mask it all with a smile. It takes courage to leave. When souls have been captivated by each other, the sense of belonging is total, it is like feeling your own leg, head, hand… and then not feeling it anymore.

Because when you have found balance, the anemos arrives, the wind that shakes things up, and then you need to understand that the soul is fleeing from itself, from that story, from that look, you need to slowly leave, tiptoeing. If you have loved, you understand that to close a door you must do so with much love, causing inevitable pain but avoiding it from being a stab.

If those who no longer love cannot find the courage, it is up to those who are still captivated to help them leave you, and this is the most painful exercise that existence asks of us, but useful to have curiosity about ourselves. Who will I be after you? Who will I be after the Mayor? In the lack of an answer, curiosity about the future is born. Who will I be after you? Who will I be after the Mayor?” by Lamberto Giannini

After 28 years of activity, the Mayor Von Frinzius Company by Lamberto Giannini is still ready to amaze its audience. The show is the result of a year-long theater workshop held at least twice a week: directed by Lamberto Giannini, Rachele Casali, and Silvia Angiolini, stage management by Francesco Pacini, with about sixty actors, disabled and non-disabled, of all ages starting from 16 years old.

Like every MVF show, Tarabaralla unfolds like the setlist of a pop concert in which emotional monologues alternate with choreographies and amusing sketches. The theme of abandonment is central, explored in different and fascinating facets, but always with the desire to look ahead and leave the worst behind. This year’s work is deeply introspective, crossing the souls of all three directors, exposing weaknesses, emotions, fears… those emotions and fears that seem so terrifying when experienced but find relief through encounters with others and sharing. A true catharsis, a digging within, a whirlwind of wind that passes through you, drives away the clouds, and brings you back to the light, but also a succession of laughs and extremely fun moments.

The Mayor Von Frinzius direction is a six-handed direction and therefore often during the creative process, roles intersect, but this year we will mainly hear music chosen by Rachele Casali, texts written by Lamberto Giannini, and observe choreographed movements by Silvia Angiolini.

The actors’ talent is overwhelming, both for the more historical ones and for the newcomers, as the former have been carrying on their growth path for years while the latter, planting themselves in already fertile and lush ground, benefit from the work of others as if they too have lived the same story.