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Tarabaralla – Excerpts from the show

Street artists
Ponte di Marmo
Free event
Mayor Von Frinzius

Those who cannot live their love carry with them a pain, unspeakable, inexpressible, and incomprehensible, that’s why they mask everything with a smile. It takes courage to leave. When souls are captivated by each other, the sense of belonging is total, it’s like feeling your own leg, head, hand… and then not feeling it anymore.

Because, when you find a balance, the anemos comes, the wind that shakes things up, and then you have to understand that the soul is fleeing from itself, from that story, from that gaze, you must slowly walk away, on tiptoes. If you have loved, you understand that to close a door you must do it with love, causing inevitable pain but preventing it from being a stab. If those who no longer love cannot find the courage, it is up to those still captivated to help them leave, and this is the most painful exercise that existence demands of us, but useful to have curiosity about ourselves.

Who will I be after you? Who will I be after the Mayors? In the lack of answer, curiosity about the future is born.