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The Game

Piazza del Luogo Pio
Mixture Theaters

The protagonists of the Game will be twelve actors/dancers and a cyclotheater, a fifteen-meter long and three-meter wide carriage, consisting of twelve walls and mounted on twelve bicycles, capable of transforming and changing appearance, following the dramaturgy and becoming a different environment each time. Game is a word learned during travels. The spectators will find themselves immersed in a journey, accompanied by actors and props in a changing and welcoming set design that manages to embody tragedy and sweetness.

MET Meticci Workshops is a collective of artists from over twenty countries around the world. It is based in Bologna, a city where it has been running workshops for years that mix different arts and people. They intervene in the suburbs, schools, reception centers, small neighborhood libraries, and parishes. And they meet people: sometimes reluctant, sometimes annoyed, often eager to tell a story and engage in a project that puts them at the center.