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Independent self-productions

Spazio Cinema Piazza dei Legnami

Topi in Trappola

Directed by Tommaso Fabbri
14 minutes

Giordano and Topolino, childhood friends, have left behind an eventful evening… or at least they think so. The future of their relationship becomes uncertain after a shocking discovery, which forces them to understand how far loyalty can go.


  • Giordano: Alessandro Garbin
  • Topolino: Diego Bellettini
  • Intruder: Maria Vittoria Martinelli

Technical cast

  • Directed by: Tommaso Fabbri
  • Written by: Tommaso Fabbri, Francesco Pozzi
  • Screenplay by: Tommaso Fabbri, Jacopo Gaglio, Francesco Pozzi
  • Cinematography by: Maurizio Carlesi
  • Music by: Mattia Bruni
  • Make-up by: Matilde Del Corso
  • Production secretary: Edoardo Gallo
  • Production assistant: Bianca Braccini
  • Camera operator: Cosimo Lombardelli
  • Sound recordist: Gregorio Canaccini
  • Art director: Mario De Libero


  • Marco Dalle Vacche, Massimiliano Bientinesi

Nulla è, Nulla sia

Written and directed by: Federico Anglano

After leaving a party, Andrea wanders through a deserted and nocturnal Rome, questioning himself with Cloe about existence and the reasons that led him to commit an extreme act.


  • Actors: Nicolò Barba, Sara Buonomini, Francesca Ruffini, Claudia Sacco
  • Produced by: Giordana Cassano, Marzia Caputo
  • Music by: Richard Tillard
  • Assistant director: Giordana Cassano
  • Director of photography: Federico Anglano
  • Editor: Federico Anglano
  • Assistant editor: Marta Dieguez
  • Assistant cinematography: Pietro Canonico, Francesco Cerreti
  • Sound recordist: Michele Burgalassi
  • Mixing and mastering: Richard Tillard, Michele Burgalassi
  • Production design: Sara Esposito
  • Casting: Marzia Caputo
  • Camera operator: Federico Anglano
  • Color grading: Federico Anglano
  • Extras: Bianca Angeletti, Marzia Caputo,
  • Giulio Arcuri, Miriam Cassarino, Giada Baglioni, Azzurra Corradini, Pietro Canonico,
  • Chiara Delfino, Sara Esposito, Davide Fedele,
  • Leonardo Gorini, Mattia Lenzi, Leonardo Marzana, Francesca Polese, Catherina Scapuzzi, Tommaso Raugi, Giuli Demiri, Gianluca Rodriguez

Teaser of “Gabbiamatti” (2014)

The story of the “gabbione” of Livorno told by its inventors.

“La Guerra la vinci quando ti accontenti” (2020)

The story and thoughts of Arnaldo “Jess il Bandito” Gesmundo, one of the seven “gold men” of the robbery on Via Osoppo in 1958, in his own words and those of his friends.

Two clips by Falco Ranuli

“The Next Mistake”

A Falco clone for the Livorno punk-rock band, where maestro Paolo Spartaco Palazzi brilliantly mimes the actions of the legendary Mario Bana, the face of Andy Warhol’s Factory (2014).

“Back from the Icy World of Nothingness” (2016)

A double journey through the suburbs of foggy Milan, from the 1970s to the 2000s, with the music of maestro Hyena (aka Giona Vinti) and the bodies of the performance duo Brise Art (Valentina Bulzi & Stefano Delgaste).

Two teasers of upcoming documentaries by Anthony Perkins Productions

“Mavadaviailcul Marviagler!”

Songs, taverns, and lives of old Milan, exploring the city with Giancarlo Peroncini “El Pelè”.


Venezia, Livorno, Italy, and the world of war, then and now, in the words of a distinguished witness like Otello Chelli.