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Toquinho & Camilla Faustino 50 years of success

Fortezza Nuova
Free event
Toquinho – voice and guitar
Camilla Faustino – voice
Dudu Penz – bass
Mauro Martins – drums

This artistic project is a tribute to Brazilian music and a tribute to all those great friends with whom Toquinho has shared so much music and poetry.

The “saudade” of Tom Jobim and his great friend and collaborator Vinicius de Moraes, of Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra, Chico Buarque, Menescal and many others, transforms on stage into a show of great charm.

The concert goes straight to that poetic soul of Bossa Nova and the unmistakable magic of the “Afro Sambas”, revisiting all the songs that have captivated audiences around the world.

Millions of fans hold the melodies of “The joy and madness, the recklessness and the joy”, “Fearless”, “Samba of the Blessing”, “Samba for Vinicius”, “Watercolor”, just to name a few of the songs tied to the artist’s successful career, close to their hearts.

Toquinho, or “Toco”, as Vinicius De Moraes liked to call him, with his warm voice and delicate touch on the guitar, together with the beautiful voice of Brazilian Camilla Faustino, is the purest and most truthful expression of the strength and musical history of Brazil.

As Vinicius de Moraes used to say: “Life, my friend, is the art of encounter.”