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TOTO’ and LIVORNO – Trinkets and Nonsense between Naples and Livorno

Fortezza Vecchia - Spazio Teatrale
Cultural Association Fucina Dell’Arte Livorno

“Totò and Livorno” is a tribute to the great Neapolitan comedian and his little-known connection with the city of Livorno, told on stage by the Cultural Association Fucina dell’Arte. Through anecdotes, curiosities, as well as hilarious songs and sketches taken from some of his most famous films, it will allow us to retrace the restless life of the Neapolitan actor.

Livornese director Amasi Damiani will share some anecdotes with us, as he had the privilege of personally knowing the Prince of laughter.

Actor Aldo Sorrentino from Fucina Dell’Arte will try to bring the great Totò back to life, accompanied by Gennaro Merola, who also directed the show, Nora Fiorillo, Melania Renucci, Irene Aglieco, Saverio Ciancio, Giacomo Ceccherini, and Rina Gaudino. The thread of the story is entrusted to Claudio Savaglia.