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Between Drama and Reality – Lyric Concert

Fortezza Vecchia
Free event
Cesare Kwon baritone – Nawon Lee soprano
Kihwan Park dancer
directed by Ahn Joo-eun
Zanetto – Mariangela Zito
Silvia Alessia Battini
directed by Siria Colella
conducted by Alfredo Stillo
Orchestra of the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno and the Conservatorio P. Mascagni in Livorno

An evening filled with emotions and intense stories, with a verismo vocal concert opening that promises to transport the audience between drama and reality. Following this will be the staging of a small Mascagni jewel: Zanetto.

In a Tuscany that seems suspended in time, among the gentle hills and sunsets fading into gold, lives Silvia. She is a courtesan, rich in experiences and disillusionment, who has chosen the solitude of an isolated villa to protect herself from the world. Her life flows peacefully, infused with melancholy and silences, until one evening an unexpected sound breaks the quiet: a young wandering troubadour, Zanetto, appears at her door. Zanetto is everything that Silvia is no longer: young, naive, full of dreams and hopes. He seeks a city where he can find fortune and perfect love, an ideal that he holds tight in his heart like a talisman. Fascinated by his purity, Silvia invites him to stay for the night, eager to savor, even for a moment, that innocence she has lost.

Throughout the evening, Zanetto tells of his journey, of his search for a perfect woman, never realizing that that ideal woman could be right in front of him. Silvia, listening to his words, feels the weight of her past and understands that she can never be that woman for him. Her disillusionment is too deep, her heart too marked by the scars of life. So, in a gesture of supreme altruism, she decides to let him go. She does not reveal who she truly is, allowing him to continue his journey towards a future filled with hopes and dreams untouched by reality. Zanetto walks away, unaware of the truth, with a light heart and his gaze turned towards tomorrow. Silvia remains alone, immersed in the silence of the Tuscan night, reflecting on her decision. She knows she made the right choice, even if painful. She sacrificed a moment of happiness to keep Zanetto’s dream intact. And in that solitude, there is a poignant beauty, a poetry that only those who have loved and lost can understand. “Zanetto” is a story that sings of idealized love, silent sacrifice, and the disillusionment that often accompanies life. Mascagni’s music envelops these emotions, transforming them into delicate and lyrical notes that resonate in the hearts of the audience, leaving an echo of sweetness and melancholy.