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Transylvania Circus

Street artists
Teatro San Marco/Via del Casino
The Theater of 12 Moons

Mysterious and strange creatures make up the company of the Transylvania Circus. Dragon men who breathe fire, acrobatic ghosts, a melancholic werewolf capable of walking in balance on the moon, and then there’s her, the star of the show, the captivating vampire woman, who will perform the art of transformation. But a sinister sound distracts the artists of this dark circus, it’s the beating of a heart, no one can explain where that heartbeat comes from.

Perhaps love is able to awaken even the hearts of lifeless creatures like them? Or maybe that heartbeat will be yours.

But fear not, ladies and gentlemen, the artists of the Transylvania Circus are anything but dangerous, and if your heart beats, it will not be out of fear!