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A World of Music – Collective Concert T.E.M.P.O.

Fortezza Vecchia
Free event
T.E.M.P.O. World Orchestra presents “A World of Music”

The collective T.E.M.P.O. inaugurates its “World Orchestra” on the occasion of the 2024 edition of Effetto Venezia, an ensemble composed of teachers from the four music schools in Livorno that are part of the collective: Associazione Musicale e Culturale Ensemble Bacchelli, Chorus Accademia Musicale, Percorsi Musicali, and Istituto Musicale Del Corona.

Within the same concert, the ensemble varies the number of its members depending on the types of songs and arrangements to be performed, in order to take a true journey around the globe through some of its most significant musical languages.

The full orchestra consists of about 50 members, distributed among a classical ensemble of about 15 members composed of strings and winds (Ensemble Bacchelli), a choir of about 25 members (Ensemble Bacchelli Choir), a modern combo with bass, drums, ethnic percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, and piano (Percorsi Musicali and Chorus Accademia Musicale), and solo voices with lyrical and modern approach (Istituto Rodolfo del Corona).

In the middle, the possibility to combine and enrich the various sections mentioned in order to compose an extremely dynamic and varied show in which voices and musical instruments become expressions of cultures, feelings, daily life, traditions, and territories.

Why “World”? Because the rich variety of classical, modern, and ethnic instruments combined with solo voices with lyrical and modern approach allows to highlight or bring out colors and nuances in the songs on the program composed or arranged by musicians such as Leonard Bernstein and Harold Arlen (USA), Carlos Gardel and Georges Bizet (France), The Dubliners (Ireland), Quirino Mendoza Cortes (Mexico), Beatles (England), Morricone (Italy), Noa (Israel), etc.

T.E.M.P.O. – The “Tavolo Enti Musicali Professionali Organizzati” was created during the Covid emergency on the initiative of Percorsi Musicali and brings together operators in the music sector based in the Livorno area: not individual professionals, but associations, companies, and entities that carry out activities related to music in various forms. The collective has produced together with the Municipality of Livorno the musical format “Musicability: how music takes shape” visible exclusively on Livù; “Autorevolmente: Livorno and its musical authors” from Nardini to Mascagni, from Ciampi to Motta, a cultural event held over two days at the Ognissanti auditorium with an open rehearsal and concert. For the editions 2020/2021/2022/2023, it participates in Effetto Venezia in collaboration with L.E.M and the Municipality of Livorno.