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A whole world in a water drop.

Palco ex Macelli
Reading – concert
from Sculpting Time by Andrej Tarkovskij
by and with Silvia Garbuggino and Gaetano Ventriglia
on trombone Tony Cattano
The Garbuggino Ventriglia company is part of the Costellazione Association

We will delve into the luminous and luminescent words of Russian director Andrej Tarkovskij; his ideas about cinema, art, and the human being in three thematic moments:

  1. Nostalgia for spirituality – Art as an aspiration towards the ideal
  2. Time imprinted on film – Do not sleep, do not sleep, do not sleep, artist. You are the hostage of eternity
  3. A Gor’kij spectator writes to me – The Mirror: spectators write to Tarkovskij