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The cinema is the city

It will be a “Effetto Venezia” dedicated to cinema, the 38th edition that will take place from August 2nd to 6th, 2023. It had already happened once before, only in 1995, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the “Settima arte”, that the administration chose this theme for the festival. And to give shape to the ideas, Marco Bruciati will be the artistic director of Effetto Venezia 2023. The organizational and communication structure, as for the past two years, will be guided by the Fondazione LEM- Livorno Euro Mediterranea, which is already working with the new artistic director.

Bruciati, born in 1984, is a professor of Theories and Techniques of Multimedia Communications and has been working as a cultural operator, director, and videomaker for about twenty years. The announcement of the new direction was made in a press conference by Mayor Luca Salvetti and councilors for culture and tourism Simone Lenzi and Rocco Garufo.

“Effetto Venezia 2023 – Bruciati highlighted – will not be a Film Festival: there are already many in Italy. It will maintain its dimension as a multidisciplinary event in the squares, streets, and among the people, with different languages but held together by a common framework: street theater (coordinated by Marco Buldrassi) to evoke the circus origins of the cinema, and also music, theater, national and international guests, exhibitions, and good food. 5 days of shows and training with workshops and masterclasses on the film industry. The goal is to build a more decisive rooting of the idea that the professional developments in the entertainment industry should find a more stable home in Livorno. A path in which we would like to involve the many realities and professionals who live on cinema and audiovisuals in Livorno, and where even schools can find connection and expression. Because, as expressed in the title, the cinema is already the city.”

In Bruciati’s vision, Effetto Venezia 2023 will be divided into six macro-areas defined by the titles of famous films: Flashes on the Water by Wim Wenders for the video projections on the buildings of Venezia, La Strada by Federico Fellini for the tribute to street artists, Day for Night by François Truffaut for live performances, Zero for Conduct by Jean Vigo for training with workshops and masterclasses, <strongOvosodo by Paolo Virzì for schools, The Easy Life by Dino Risi for collaboration with the territory.

“We had two ideas in mind – the mayor emphasized – one was the Livorno of colors and the many nations, cosmopolitan; the other was the connection between Effetto Venezia and cinema. And so we did. Right after, we thought about who could put this idea into practice, adding more and enriching the framework. The figure of Marco Bruciati was the most representative, since he has been working in this field for years. After accepting our proposal, as artistic director, he started working and developed a project for the next edition of Effetto Venezia.”

Rocco Garufo and Simone Lenzi also expressed similar sentiments. The former emphasized “how important it was to have had the courage to hold Effetto Venezia even during the Covid pandemic, for the impact it had on tourism promotion”, while the latter highlighted that “it was right to dedicate the festival to Livorno’s historically well-established vocation for cinema”.