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A creative contest for Effetto Venezia 2023

Translated (while maintaining HTML tags) in English: Open to schools in the province of Livorno, it involves the presentation of paintings and graphics.

Fondazione Lem and the artistic direction of Effetto Venezia 2023 curated by Marco Bruciati are launching a creative contest open to schools in the province of Livorno, with a particular focus on art, graphic design, and communication programs.

The competition is divided into two separate sections, paintings and graphics, and is dedicated to representing, in the most suitable and creative forms, the relationship between Livorno and Cinema.

  • Paintings. This section has no limits on technique or format, and it aims to select works that will be exhibited in a specific exhibition throughout the Festival.
  • Graphics. This section aims to create unofficial posters for the event which, after a specific selection, will be published and highlighted on Effetto Venezia’s official social media channels in the weeks leading up to the start of the Festival. The images must be in 1080px x 1350px format with a 4:5 aspect ratio, which is the closest horizontal social media format to that of cinema posters. The images must include the title of the 2023 edition (“Il cinema è la città“), the location and dates of the event (Livorno, August 2-6, 2023), and the logos of the City of Livorno and Fondazione LEM.

To select only the paintings, it is necessary to send a photo of the artwork to the email address of the artistic director (marco.bruciati@fondazionelem.it), indicate the original dimensions of the artwork and apply to participate in the contest. The same email can be used to request logos for the graphics and any clarifications.

All artwork (photos of paintings and graphics) must be submitted to the indicated address by May 31, 2023, so that the selected works can be communicated to the schools by the end of their educational activities on June 10.