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24 Banane

Installazione: Viale Caprera
Mostra: c/o Zaki

Show and installation in two separate locations by Paolo Ciriello. Scene portraits from Italian film sets

Banana, or rather B’nana, is the conventional word that Paolo uses to catch the attention of actresses and actors in order to capture that fleeting moment that characterizes a significant scene photo.

Stolen or given glances, sometimes annoyed, other times accomplices, of some of the most famous Italian movie stars enclosed in an exhibition and an installation of 24 photographs.

  • Installation: a series of mega posters in black and white along the wall of the moat in Viale Caprera
  • Show: the same photographs printed in color in a single copy exhibited at the premises of the communication agency Zaki in Via del Forte san Pietro 10.

Paolo Ciriello was born in Livorno in 1971. Since he was a child, playing with his father’s Nikkormat and his grandfather’s Rolleiflex, a local photographer, he takes futile pictures underexposed and backlighted. In 2009, at the age of 38, he decides to turn his passion into a profession, leaving his secure twenty-year job as a graphic artist to dedicate himself to photography. The good opportunity comes thanks to Paolo Virzì, who offers him the opportunity to photograph “The First Beautiful Thing.” The passion for the film set explodes definitively, and since that day he has documented over 40 different films and TV series, alternating scene photography with commercial and advertising work.