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Vintage Effect

Area interna tribunale
Free event

Effetto Vintage is a project that falls within the broader activity of documenting the history of Effetto Venezia, curated by Marco Bruciati on behalf of Fondazione LEM and the Comune di Livorno.

This specific project is followed by 8mmezzo, a cultural association APS born in Livorno in 2015, whose mission is to recover old home movies shot on 8mm, super8, and 16mm film from the Thirties to the late Nineties.

“Effetto Vintage!” is an open call to owners of films and magnetic tapes (VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS-C, etc.) who privately filmed the neighborhood of Venezia and the surrounding areas, and in particular the past editions of Effetto Venezia in all its forms.

8mmezzo has invited people to deliver old films to the association documenting the neighborhood in general, events, setups, exhibitions, shows, leisure moments, social, sports, cultural events, and family events mainly shot in the neighborhood. The association is committed to digitizing the films free of charge and returning them to the owners, to then add them to the already rich and invaluable archive created: over 200,000 meters of films already digitized and archived.

The goals of this operation are multiple: involve the citizens of the Comune di Livorno in an action to recover the historical memory related to their city; save the audiovisual material that would be lost or deteriorated by collecting, digitizing, cataloging, and archiving it properly; return the material collected to the city of Livorno through an edited video that will be shown at a public event in Livorno.