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Achievement Murals Ninjart

Street artists
Via dei Pescatori
Free event
Show Ninjart
Beppe Scardino, a multi-instrumentalist from Livorno, presents a unique musical performance that blends jazz and electronic music, wind instruments and modern technologies. Using saxophones, flute, samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines, Scardino creates a sound landscape that evokes dark and nocturnal atmospheres inspired by the music of Piero Ciampi.

This performance will be characterized by evocative and suggestive atmospheres, where the traditional melodies of wind instruments harmoniously blend with electronic pulsations, in a sonic journey that reflects the soul of the city of Livorno and the musical legacy of Ciampi.

Francesco Span√≤, aka “NINJART,” a street artist and eclectic painter, has been active in the graffiti scene since 1999, creating commissioned works for institutions and individuals. Simultaneously, he has dedicated himself to the contemporary art market, presenting his paintings in solo and group exhibitions in many Italian cities, participating in various national competitions, often winning awards and receiving recognition. On the occasion of Effetto Venezia 2024, he will present a mural dedicated to the great musician Piero Ciampi, paying tribute to his lyrics and in particular the poetic side of one of his songs.

All this set to music, in a show where the visual art of Ninjart will blend with the musical art of Beppe Scardino.