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Semifinals Singing Effect

Teatro Vertigo
Free event

Singing Effect is a regional competition with free participation organized by LEM Foundation on the occasion of the 39th edition of Venice Effect. The aim of the competition is to enhance and promote “Music from around the world”, the theme of the 2024 edition of Venice Effect.

The competition is open to singers, singer-songwriters and bands aged between 15 and 35. The prize of the Competition consists of direct admission to the world final of Performer Italian Cup 2024, and to the national final of the First Championship of Performing/Sporting Arts, which merges art and sport. The championship is managed by FIPASS, the International Federation of Performing Arts and Sports, an association born to raise awareness about the figure of the performing arts athlete through the Pass Method project that concretizes their actions.

The national and continental championships of performing arts and sports “Performer Cup” have created a network that involves many Nations. These, thanks to their commitment to inclusivity and the promotion of sports and art values, take care of artists/athletes through protection and training and have already offered concrete employment opportunities to some of them.